·Project Management
·Architectural and engineering design
·Property Management
·Asset Management
·Due Diligence
·Real estate Enhancement
·Feasibility analysis

Gruppo Guerra Real Estate

The new frontier of sustainable living

Gruppo Guerra offers a comprehensive range of services in the Real Estate field:

    • Feasibility assessment,
    • Real Estate Development and Management,
    • Project Management,
    • Marketing and Promotion of Real Estate projects,
    • Non-Performing Loan Servicing (NPL)
    • Social Housing,
    • Purchase/Sale,
    • Development of the Economic Plan,
    • Commercial and legal aspects.

The Group is present on the property market as a reliable and competent partner for all technical, evaluation and enhancement aspects for the management, acquisition and disposal of Real Estate portfolios, creating long-term relationships and synergies with its customers.




For the Gruppo Guerra, development represents all those activities that create and define a path.
An idea, an intuition or inspiration lead to the concrete and detailed implementation of Real Estate projects.


The management concerns the operational “life” of the property. The included activities allow the property to fulfil its role at best or to change this and fully exploit its potential.


Marketing is the most important phase of a real estate transaction. Often this is what decrees its success or failure.


Real Estate consulting includes a series of activities which must be characterised by efficiency, know-how and the ability to interpret the client’s conditions and needs