Real estate Development

For the Gruppo Guerra, development represents all those activities that create and define a path.
An idea, an intuition or inspiration lead to the concrete and detailed implementation of Real Estate projects.

This phase consists of a series of complementary activities which embraces all Real Estate thematic areas.
To be able to reach this objective, specific skills, synergies and an overview are required.

Gruppo Guerra relies on specialised team professionals in order to follow the various development stages: Structuring, Project Management, Design.


Through the Gruppo Guerra technical, economic and marketing transversal key competences, the company has the ability to structure enhancement projects and real estate development, looking after all aspects of the operations.

Project Management

Thanks to the expertise of its professionals supported by the experience acquired in the various sectors of the group companies, the company offers Project Management and supervisory services.

Architectural and Engineering Design

Gruppo Guerra offers integrated design solutions through its own architectural and engineering design teams.