What is the Format Civitas Vitae? An example of Social Cohesion Infrastructure

Civitas Vitae is a Real Estate format of Social Cohesion Infrastructure. Through the creation of housing, personal services and social and health facilities, it aims to create inter-generational community centres. The protagonists are the individual and the community.

These services are flanked by commercial and tertiary services providing goods and services to the community.

The idea is to transform “problems” into “resources” through the integration of different people and age groups.

The Format Civitas Vitae may be moulded according to the specific nature of the interventions, the characteristics of the territory and the needs of the different communities.

The Format Civitas Vitae envisages the possibility of creating structures and properties which respond to a series of different and complementary requirements.

Civitas Vitae: Smart Housing

By building quality housing consistent with the housing pressure of the territory which is affordable by potential users, the Format Civitas Vitae envisages the construction of smart housing, taking into account the current and future needs of potential occupants.
Part of the housing offer is designed to meet the demand by singles, young couples, single-income families etc. who currently cannot find a product compatible with their means on the market.

Civitas Vitae: Social Cohesion

The objective of the Format Civitas Vitae is to meet the needs of different age groups. For this reason, it provides facilities ranging from Kindergartens to Social Health facilities, from Sports Centres to Talent Labs for young people. These structures not only respond to a need, but by favouring generational interconnection, they transform two ‘weak’ age groups into a resource for the whole community.

Civitas Vitae: Personal services

A community which includes very different age groups needs very different businesses and services. For this reason, the format always includes commercial establishments and spaces for the third sector moulded according to the needs of the future community and of the territory. In fact, the work dimension of the interventions also gives these vitality and completeness.